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Cruise of the Sailing Vessel Musetta




 09/30/05 - Year One

"Congratulations!  You broke out of the mold!" 

My brother Chris's words struck a chord: what we're doing is different from the norm.  To sailors and cruisers, our plans are nothing unusual, but to most non-boaters the thought of selling our home, traveling in a small boat, on the high seas, to foreign countries, is downright frightening.

To those of you who are worried about our safety, just think: you could just as easily be reading our memorial notice due to an auto accident, plane crash, home invasion, wrong-place-at-wrong-time shooting, medical ailment, and myriad ways of ending life on land.  We're all going to go sometime - we might as well do what we love! 

So if you can't bring yourself to join us - Jeff, Steph, Lucky & Abbie, with these pages you can cruise with us vicariously on the sailing vessel Musetta as we make our way through the voyage of a lifetime.


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11/01/06 - Year Two


When we left San Carlos in June, we were excited about going home - in all its many guises.  My last log entry was " People ask if we’re glad to be back in the US – of course; there is NO comparison to the riches of nature and economics we have here.  People ask if it was what we thought it would be – yes and no.  Yes because it is what we expected, and no because it’s brought within us a change in attitudes, expectations, and appreciation that we couldn’t have predicted.  People ask if we’re glad we did it – a definitive YES!  Though not a day goes by that both of us don’t think about our sweet Lucky boy and our hearts still grieve for his loss, we would not trade our life.  We are comfortable with the decisions we’ve made. We’ve gained new skills, our relationship has deepened, our stress levels have diminished, and happiness increased exponentially.   Though we recognize this is not a lifestyle for everyone, for us, it has been a good move.


"Who knows what the future will bring?  We may tire of this life after next year.  We may continue on for years to reach our goal: Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey.  All we can do is take bit by bit, day by day. "


So here we are, beginning year two of our cruise.  Already we miss  our family,friends, and San Juan Island.  My Dad says, "Sell that boat and come home!"  But we're not ready.  We have a goal, and are not yet ready to give it up.  We hope to make Costa Rica or Panama by Spring; whether we'll transit the canal this season remains to be seen.  As always, in this lifestyle, plans change at the whim of the winds; we'll just have to see what comes up!




10/10/07 - Year Three


We are particularly excited about this year's cruise because not only will it bring all new territory to us with clear, warm water and palm-fringed islands, but we hope to experience one of the 20th century's greatest engineering feats, the Panama Canal.  

With two seasons under our belt, we feel much more comfortable with the boat, the skills needed, and more importantly, the life-style.  It has enriched our lives with greater appreciation for the balance between man and nature; for the spirit, generosity, and goodness of man; for the great country in which we make our home; and most of all for each other and all that we have. 

David McCullough, author of Brave Companions says, "I hope you go to Italy and Scotland and to places like Palenque because I think you will afterward see and understand your own country more clearly.  That is an old idea, I know - that the country you learn most about by traveling abroad is your own - but then some old ideas bear repeating."  How right he is! 





09/10/08 - Year Four

 This year seems like it's destined to be momentous for us.  Not only because we're in a different ocean, but the plummeting value of the US dollar may force us to give up European cruising plans; we also miss our home and the cool weather on San Juan Island.   

So this may be the year we change tacks, though we're looking forward to experiencing the cruising mecca known as the Caribbean Sea.  We have an ambitious plan and high hopes.  If you've been thinking about visiting us on the boat "some day," this is the year!



steph & jeff at san juan historical museum2.png



11/11/09 - Hiatus

 It is said that cruisers' plans are always set in shifting sand; ours are no different.  Though we'd planned on returning to Musetta in January, we now find we need to stay home a few years.  Our plans to build a home on San Juan Island have snow-balled, and with the poor economy sending our portofolio into the tank, we need to focus our attention here and try to replenish the cruising kitty. 

We will dearly miss our lovely Musetta and the beautiful islands of the east Caribbean, but we're fortunate that we also live on one of the most gorgeous islands in the Pacific Northwest.  Like my friend says, "If you're lucky enough to live near water, you're lucky enough!"

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